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A List Apart is one of those sites that seems to wander in and out of my focus, depending on the projects I’m involved in at the time. Having just configured a new Bloglines account for a specific project, I thought I’d add some of Bloglines’ ‘suggested feeds’, one of which is A List Apart. […]

Melbourne & Sydney – here I come!

by Lee Hopkins on August 27, 2007

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The incredibly lovely and incredibly wise Justine Atkinson from Melcrum has just finished putting the final flourishes to the two-day workshops I am presenting in the fair cities of Melbourne and Sydney later this year. Entitled ‘Social Media Workshop for Communicators – Integrating social media into your communication strategy’ the workshop is jam-packed with goodness for business […]

Alex Manchester from Melcrum has very kindly posted commentary and a YouTube video about my half-day workshop on Social Media and Employee Engagement from last week’s seminar. Here’s the video: (watch out for the flamin’ good ending) Thanks, Alex — you’re too kind! p.s. the “employees are almost like humans” is sarcasm, a joke! Technorati […]

Let me say from the outset that I am still buzzing over the quality of information circulating at this conference; not only were the speakers sharing their wisdom and wit but also the other attendees, too. It was a fantastic place to be for three days. I’m not going to review every single speaker for one […]

Fresh off the press at Melcrum comes ‘Delivering successful change communication’, which highlights the importance of telling the story to the folks before you try and lead them down a new garden path. Shortcut: download an Executive Summary (pdf) right now. Within the report you will find 27 interviews with change and communication experts, including […]

Melcrum’s new ground-breaking research report How to use social media to engage employees contains the most up-to-date information on integrating blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasting and all the other social media tools with your communications. It contains benchmarking survey data, expert opinion and case studies from some of the world’s most innovative companies. Melcrum are giving […]

Talking to the old farts

by Lee Hopkins on June 4, 2007 · 4 comments

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The Weekend Australian had a great special report on the Mature Age workforce. My good friend Catriona Byrne had a HUGE photo in it (her mum has allegedly bought 100 copies of the newspaper). Catriona is one of the directors of Adage, the jobs board for the Over-40s. And as a recent post on her […]

Melcrum and Ragan are the two big ‘players’ in the ‘Business Communication’ space. They both publish excellent journals, they both run superb training courses, they are both headed by very smart, very savvy, very passionate business communicators (Mark Ragan in the instance of Ragan [more than just a tad ably assisted by David Murray who […]

Melcrum have just emailed me with a quick and dirty ‘5 easy steps to launch a blog’ as a subtle way of advertising their new report, “How to use social media to engage employees“. Nothing in it that you won’t find in my rather more in-detail post about blogging for beginners, but what IS interesting […]

[supertramp album cover – read a great Supertramp trivia post from David Buck] My arch nemesis and rival Allan Jenkins has pointed me to a couple of really good posts on Crisis Communication. He is a good chap! First there’s Ten lessons from Katrina (on our ability to cope with a crisis) by Dave Pollard; […]