Over 10 percent of web traffic already comes from mobile devices and as devices become cheaper, more versatile, and data rates continue to fall, that number will continue to grow dramatically. If you want to reach these customers, you better have a website capable of being seen on most of these devices.

How to protect your site from hackers

by Lee Hopkins on November 22, 2012

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Small businesses and individuals have a good opportunity now to right their systems; to bring some order to their security prevention. Here are a few measures of control that site owners can bring to their websites and servers.

I’ve been at the Ark Group’s conference on internal communications (today I run a workshop on the social business). Yesterday my IABC colleague Tracey Sen from NSW Department of Education and Communities gave a stirring talk about what she has instigated at DEC and what she sees as the ‘must now know’ requirements of a […]

MASTER BUSINESS communicator Shel Holtz, ABC, shares with us his views on why content curation is the ‘next big thing’ and why we should be paying attention to it right now, whether we are a SoHo consultant or an organisational communicator. Shel Holtz, ABC, on content curation   The video is over at YouTube (why […]

The disruption within

by Lee Hopkins on June 25, 2010

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When you do it to yourself, you can’t blame technology, the Internet, Social Media (or anybody else).

Security is at hand for your hand-held device

by Lee Hopkins on May 28, 2010

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you might want to think about investing in some of these new security features

The semantic web

by Lee Hopkins on May 10, 2010 · 5 comments

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A fascinating peek at the future of the much-bandied-about but little understood term, “the semantic web” (aka web 3.0). Kudos to Kate Ray for putting a brilliant movie together, and a tip of the akubra to Mitch Joel for pointing me to it. Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo. Technorati Tags: kate ray, mitch […]

Erik Qualman has updated the 2009 version of his ‘Socionomics’ video

– there are 200 billion spam emails sent every day :(

And monitor your accounts. I try to regularly check the websites for my credit cards and bank accounts. It’s best to do this weekly and no later than Friday morning. Why? Because if something is wrong, you’ll want time to reach a real life person at the Customer Service desk and not have to wait all weekend to fix something gone wrong.