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Definitely worth investing in

Mark Jones – ace chap, ace discussion

by Lee Hopkins on March 26, 2008 · 3 comments

in miscellaneous

  Mark Jones is, of course, the former AFR IT journo who is now helping them out with web strategy and stuff. We met at the recent ad:tech conference and both of us said to each other, “we must catch up” whilst neither of us could figure out why we’d said that. Mark knew who […]

It’s out now, folks! [updated: links now work — oops!] Trevor Cook and I have slaved away in an entirely slavish fashion to produce the all-new, all-singing Third Edition of our runaway best seller. (pssst… it’s free) In this year’s Edition every chapter has either been written from scratch or ferociously updated: Introduction Australian organisations: […]

Celia Heffernan, the Online Content Producer at the NSW Dept of Education and Training, recently asked me to write an article about virtual worlds for inclusion in a technology guide for parents. The guide has now been published and I’m very flattered to see my article in there alongside material from my colleague Ross Monaghan. […]

Thanks, Joe! Thanks, Gerry!

by Lee Hopkins on February 22, 2008 · 8 comments

in marketing

I’ve just finished a great chat with Joe Jaffe, CEO and Chief Interrupter over at crayon. We discussed Social Media and its strategic implications for businesses, and as could be expected from us, we both became increasingly passionate about how and why companies should consider this new online conversation pit and add it to their […]

Interviewed by Shel Israel

by Lee Hopkins on January 3, 2008 · 4 comments

in Uncategorized

As part of his pan-global research on behalf of SAP, I was recently interviewed over email by the legendarious (I love creating neologisms*) Shel Israel. True to form, I don’t pull any punches on what I see happening in ‘Business Australia’ regarding social media… Please note: Shel inadvertently put my very old blogspot url up […]

Interviewed by Jon Hoel

by Lee Hopkins on January 3, 2008

in Uncategorized

A couple of months ago I had the very flattering pleasure of being interviewed by Jon Hoel from the PR Junction podcast. Jon split the interview into two parts, and here they are: Part One: In this episode of PR Junction Podcast, Jon Hoel interviews Aussie online communication expert Lee Hopkins. Jon caught up with […]

Jon Hoel interviewed me

by Lee Hopkins on October 26, 2007

in Uncategorized

And here is the result. Live (well, almost – I was exhausted after Day One of a two-day workshop) from the Marriott in Melbourne, this is part one of a two-part interview. Part two to follow soon… Jon Hoel records the quite excellent PR Junction podcast — you can subscribe to it below.   Free […]

Upcoming interviews

by Lee Hopkins on May 21, 2007

in Uncategorized

No, I haven’t forgotten to interview anyone. In fact, the schedules of my chosen guests and I have been incredibly tight of late. However, please be assured that you will, God willing, soon be listening to the likes of: Bill Sweetman, host of the wonderful Marketing Martini podcast Eric Schwartzman, host of the incredible On […]

As part of a series of interviews with great internal communicators that I conducted for Deakin University, Brad Bellaver, currently the Internal Comms Supremo for Wells Fargo‘s Technology Information Group, was kind enough to run the gauntlet of my ferocious interrogative style (hah!). I’m not sure why this particular interview fell through a gap, but […]