Guest post by Ben Oren, Head Consultant at Dynamic Search With continuous financial pressures and tight marketing budgets, most companies are using email marketing to market their goods. This is because each business needs to connect with their client base. This creates a new challenge for most companies. They wonder how to create a successful […]

Top 9 email marketing tips from 99designs

by Lee Hopkins on September 6, 2013 · 3 comments

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Keep your email marketing as simple as possible. By including a single, clear call to action, you’re ensuring that recipients click-through to your designated landing page. You don’t want them distracted by less important links

Marketers today need to teach their customers about identifying their own needs. It’s not enough anymore to just deliver a new gadget— now you have to create tactful relationships with consumers and customers, make them integral to a company’s bottom line, figure out new ways to reward customer behavior and bring about stronger brand loyalty.

Emily Stewart dropped me a line, alerting me to a tidy little video about social media from a small/micro business perspective. A useful one to play to friends and clients/prospects still unsure about this social media fad.

The immediacy and ease of mobile lead generation is resulting in increased sales and delivery of information across all forms of business, and it is necessary for all organisations to keep up to date with the latest developments. According to B2C, Morgan Stanley are predicting that mobile marketing spend with increase by somewhere between five to ten times over the next four years.

When you next prepare to mount a marketing campaign for your business, keep in mind some of the tools and techniques that presidential candidates put to use and allow these to serve as a model, guiding your decisions.

May I have your permission?

by Lee Hopkins on August 28, 2012

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3. Develop Quality Content – Social media like Facebook and Twitter are just digital permission marketing. People choose to follow or like your page, but they won’t make a return visit if the only thing you churn out is marketing material. On social media and in a monthly e-newsletter, write (or hire a writer) to generate quality content that’s relevant and helps your clients and customers become more informed about your industry. Even if you’re not directly promoting a product you sell, you’re building trust for when it’s time for them to make a purchase.

Like any new opportunity, the potential for social media to enhance the relationship between a brand and its consumers can have a dark side if marketers don’t understand proper use and cultural expectations of the technology. Marketers who view social media as simply another venue to bombard customers with ads can easily come across as crass and unfeeling in the dialogue-driven online culture. Yet, for companies that use social media as an opportunity to get a better sense of customer expectations and to open an honest dialogue, markets can grow exponentially.

As with any tool, there is a right and a wrong way to use SMS marketing to your advantage. If you just go in blindly with hard-selling tactics and without obtaining proper permission beforehand, you’re highly unlikely to see positive results from your campaign.

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