Rick Sarouk has written a guest article for me over on my articles website. Entitled 7 Ways to Utilize Facebook Timeline for Business, Rick’s article covers: 1. Establish Your Brand Image 2. Promote Your Product & Services Simultaneously 3. Offer Promotional Deals 4. Gain More Fans or Customers 5. Create Loyalty through Storytelling 6. Generate […]

10 complimentary white papers from Hubspot

by Lee Hopkins on March 23, 2012

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Those very nice folks over at Hubspot are giving away some excellent white papers. Says Mike Crosson, Here are 10 free White Papers that are really helpful. 1.) Pinterest – Learn how to increase traffic, leads and sales by reaching more than 11 million people The fastest-growing social media site ever has become a […]

Wherever you go online, you’re accustomed to using various apps and multimedia tools that help schedule events, perform tasks and communicate better with others. Companies that want to provide top customer support clearly need to study and implement these technologies into their own websites. VeriShow, a real-time live help solution, has done just that, by […]

Chevron oil needs your help

by Lee Hopkins on January 18, 2012

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It’s a brilliant piece of user-generated campaigning, and something that every organisation needs to be prepared to counter when it happens to them

Facebook Fan Pages are a wonderful way to find an audience among internet users and then bring those users together in one place.

Google+ Pages

by Lee Hopkins on November 9, 2011 · 4 comments

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It’s Day Two of the landgrab rush on Google Plus. Companies are finally allowed to go in and build their spaces, no doubt replicating what they already have on Facebook. I set up my own page on Google+ (as I did on Facebook) as a way of testing how it all works for businesses. Michelle […]

Making your QR codes beautiful

by Lee Hopkins on October 24, 2011 · 5 comments

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Ben Teoh and Michael Roelink have come up trumps with two cool articles about QR codes: How To Embed A Custom Logo Design In A QR Code | Content Developer    HOW TO: Make Your QR Codes More Beautiful Feel free to read and learn. Nice finds, gentlemen! Technorati Tags: ben teoh, michael roelink, qr […]

THOSE BUSY RAGANITES have again come up trumps with an excellent article for fledgling social media managers. …you are your company’s social media marketing team. Whether you fought for this assignment (are you insane?) or your boss simply plopped you into the role, being the front person for your company’s social media success or failure […]

It’s a road map to understanding the changing dynamics that introducing social media brings to an organisation and what YOU can do about it.

DAN IS a marketing consultant based in Melbourne who services the small/micro business market. She interviewed me recently and the interview is now ‘live’. Dan’s excellent podcast is able to be subscribed to on iTunes – visit the iTunes podcast’s page. You can listen to Dan’s podcast over at iTunes and podomatic. You can also […]