Allan’s open letter to Steve Crescenzo

by Lee Hopkins on April 27, 2006 · 7 comments

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W OW! It sure got heated for a while… I was ready to put on my boxing gloves and wade into very murky mud in defence of Allan… I detested seeing a colleague and friend get slandered by another colleague who has the oxygen of newsprint. The flames coming out of Crescenzo’s mouth were pretty […]

Shel and Neville, in their discussion about the International Association of Nobodies on FIR #127, reflected that the whilst the ability to set up such communication tactics within a short space of time was useful for charities and community-driven projects, they failed to believe that corporates could do similarly. Yet I disagree; there is no […]

Titular nobodies

by Lee Hopkins on April 9, 2006

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Cross-posted from the Nobody blog… One of the (many) interesting discussions enjoyed by those of us fortunate to be ‘in’ on the ‘nobody’ meme has revolved around the concept of nomenclature and in particular titularicity (like that? :-)). Some, in the early hours of the meme-spread, wanted to vote Monsieur Le Jenkins in as Chairman […]

Over the last, say, 72 hours as I type this, the blogosphere has born witness to another spectacular example of how individuals across the globe can band together for a common cause, and band together in what seems to be a blink of an eye. From being personally attacked by a mainstream non-identity who apparently […]

links for 2005-12-13

by Lee Hopkins on December 13, 2005

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