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nonverbal communication

Melcrum’s new ground-breaking research report How to use social media to engage employees contains the most up-to-date information on integrating blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasting and all the other social media tools with your communications. It contains benchmarking survey data, expert opinion and case studies from some of the world’s most innovative companies. Melcrum are giving […]

Some days I follow Pauline Collins’ lead and start having a conversation with the wall in front of me. “Hello wall,” I say. It never talks back, which is a good thing probably. Shirley Valentine: Hiya Wall.[to the camera]Shirley Valentine: Well what’s wrong with that? There’s a woman three doors down talks to her microwave. […]

When will Apple stop self-immolating?

by Lee Hopkins on October 4, 2006 · 14 comments

in miscellaneous

My good friend Shel Holtz is the latest in the long line-up of folks who are discovering that all that is Apple is not gold. Like Ben, I was thinking of investing in an iPod (60gb for my music and video collection) but perhaps Creative might get my business after all — why support a […]

Are you a ‘flasher’?

by Lee Hopkins on October 4, 2006

in miscellaneous

The very wise and erudite Andrea Weckerle (‘rhymes with ski’) has been wondering if some bloggers’ propensity to share part of their personal world on their business blog is a good or bad thing. Regular readers of my own blog know that I am no stranger to sharing some of the more ‘personal’ aspects of […]

A good friend of mine, John, is the brains behind GearPlus. GearPlus is a site full of gossip and great info about the Australian pro audio scene, in which John has been a significant player for many, many years. John and I first met in 1985 when I was in the Australian Air Farce and […]

Neville Hobson has taken Steve Rubel to task over Steve’s recent consideration that Second Life is more escapism than reality (and to which Steve has graciously linked). As Neville says, I think Second Life presents an alternative reality – a parallel place, if you will, where you can construct a viable approximation of a real […]

Do you offer different modalities?

by Lee Hopkins on July 31, 2006

in miscellaneous

I have started a new semester at college and as anyone who has had even a passing glance at the Bible can attest, some of the books are not the most riveting reading you’ve ever had. ‘Numbers‘, for example, is a book that I could easily use as a cure for insomnia. So I picked […]

Why I adore Shel Holtz

by Lee Hopkins on July 31, 2006 · 5 comments

in miscellaneous

Okay, I’ll ‘come out’ and admit it — I’m a Shelaholic. The man could go and make Jeffrey Dahmer look like a kindergarten teacher and I’d still read him. Shel has the most amazing set of credentials: he is prescient — he is able to read the winds of change he is a prophet — […]

How to alienate an audience

by Lee Hopkins on July 24, 2006 · 10 comments

in Uncategorized

Maestro Cook Ben Haslem points to a massive faux pas over at Australia’s leading nationally-distributed newspaper, The Australian (a Murdoch-owned paper). The Australian is published and produced in Sydney, a city which whilst somewhat beautiful (well, the harbour at least) also has a reputation for being somewhat self-absorbed. In a recent advert/editorial feature, drop-dead gorgeous […]

My previous post on the possibility of a female PR calendar obviously ruffled a few feathers. That was certainly not the intention of the post and I unreservedly apologise to those who were offended. The post was very much a tongue-in-cheek one, however there was a section of my audience (and some who probably will […]