5 top iPad apps for communicators

by Lee Hopkins on June 14, 2011

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It ties in with my post last year about top 5 ipad business apps and one of Mickie’s choices match mine (Dropbox).

Do we HAVE to social media?

by Lee Hopkins on June 3, 2011

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I HAD an interesting discussion with a client yesterday about the ‘Rip & Roll’ kerfuffle that occurred recently. Synopsis: Billboards and bus shelter ads appeared in Brisbane showing two gay men, one of which was holding a condom. Pretty quickly the outdoor advertisement company, adShel, started receiving complaint phone calls about the ads from members […]

Ragan have written a great piece on the five essential metrics you should be tracking via Facebook Insights. In essence, the five areas are: Tab views; External referrals; Post feedback; Monthly active users; and Page views. Raganite Arik Hanson gives great detail on ‘why’ you should be tracking those metrics over on Ragan’s PR Daily. […]

There’s no guarantee that your friends will move to another service, is there? One to watch…

I’m proud to announce an exclusive affiliation with Adelaide-based leading public relations firm Michels Warren. The new arrangement will now give Michels Warren clients access to my advice – and the timing couldn’t be better. Nielsen research shows that Australia is at the forefront of social media, with our per-head-of-population use of sites such as […]

Look, it’s not often I promote Ragan Communications, even though they do a tremendous amount of work for the North American business communicator (as Melcrum does for the European and Australasian), but I just HAVE to talk about an upcoming webinar. My mate Shel Holtz (@shel) is running a 60-minute webinar on the future of […]

So I decided to cancel my membership. Did you naively think that they would make that an easy process?

Toyota and *that* social media disaster

by Lee Hopkins on December 16, 2009 · 4 comments

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Tim Burrowes from ‘always great for a read’ ad/pr blog Mumbrella has a great take on the social media disaster that is the Toyota Yaris fiasco. As he says, “Going back to the cause of this, a big part of the issue is a cultural one. This could have happened to many ad agencies other […]

PR, Soc Med, the SME and ethical conflicts

by Lee Hopkins on September 29, 2009 · 49 comments

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can they speak with some authority and authenticity on their behalf?

If YOU haven’t yet figured out this Twitter thing, might I suggest you buy a copy of ‘the twitter book’ #twitterbook