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IT FEELS LIKE a lifetime ago that I was looking at and playing in Second Life. But for those wondering if Second Life still exists, it does; signups are still happening, although Linden Lab haven’t published ‘active residents’ data for a couple of years now. Here’s a chart of total signups, where you can see […]

the most profitable way to reach, engage with and influence audiences

Zynga, states that FarmVille “is bigger than Twitter and [was] valued at $1 billion last month (”

A quick interview with ABC Local Radio Darwin in which I answer the question raised by the title of this post. Does Second Life still exist? Is anyone still using it? Who? Answers to these questions and more await ye… Technorati Tags: second life, local radio, abc, lee hopkins Play in new window | […]

BCR055: Dinner with Adrian Cropley

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2009

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fabulous dinner recently with self and the equally fabulous Adrian Cropley

The wise communicator will get involved as soon as possible, even if just in a small way, lest their own career prospects become limited

This may make some squeamish, but one NZ academic is using Second Life as a way of teaching midwifery; a tip of the Akubra to NWN for the heads-up.

This is the presentation I gave at the #iabc09 world conference, which I put up on slideshare, where you can download the pdf should you wish.

Sarah Stewart has a great blog on using SL to further educate women about birthing issues, as part of the SLENZ project.

Penny Cazalet and Isabella Scheflo, my two fabulous assistants, have breached the very porous membrane that we like to call reality