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Those with a good memory will remember that I interviewed Rebekah Campbell, founder and CEO of new social network last week. At that stage Posse was still in ‘alpha’; Rebekah is holding a beta launch next week in Sydney. If you are interested in going, to find out more about Posse and what its […]

I have faith that here in Australia we have enough forward-thinking individuals to bring us into a global leadership position within the digital environment

WE’RE ON THE cusp of a major shift in business transformation, the interest in companies wanting to adopt social business is on the rise. Businesses are using social networking concepts to transform their business into a ‘social business’. According to IBM’s 2010 CEO Study, 57% of companies who have invested in social business tools have […]

MASTER BUSINESS communicator Shel Holtz, ABC, shares with us his views on why content curation is the ‘next big thing’ and why we should be paying attention to it right now, whether we are a SoHo consultant or an organisational communicator. Shel Holtz, ABC, on content curation   The video is over at YouTube (why […]

Will Google Circles be the Facebook killer? Methinks not..

Originally posted on my doctorate blog Marius and Suzana Bulearca have paved the way for a study into the way SMEs are using Twitter as a marketing tool. As a pilot of their proposed larger-scale research project, they interviewed a Marketing Account Executive of a London-based fundraising, marketing and communications agency whose employees and management […]

Just came across this gem by accident and figured you NEED to watch it. Brilliant!   Technorati Tags: box hill, tafe, box hill tafe, australia, social media, social networking, 2010, stats, statistics, figures, facts, business communication, lee hopkins

social media is becoming the most time-intensive activity on the web

A carcam on the upcoming demise of social media

Comscore says users of social media outspend non-users