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Online video to experience massive growth

by Lee Hopkins on June 9, 2010

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increasing use of video networking and video on social networking sites

To which I add a sixth: never underestimate the apathy of the crowds.

The police have been out in force on the airwaves today, proclaiming loud that social networking is something to be kept under the covers. This is as a result of the tragic murder of a young woman in NSW at the hands of a stalker. According to the ABC, Detective Superintendent Peter Crawford says there […]

Erik Qualman has updated the 2009 version of his ‘Socionomics’ video

the use and potential of social media with relation to mental ill health services in Australia

Social media strategy: several approaches

by Lee Hopkins on March 17, 2010 · 3 comments

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It has become obvious to my ancient and decrepit mind that there are more than two ways to skin a social media cat. Indeed, there are several. However, they fall into two very distinct approaches: Strategic and FILGIAG*, which you can also pronounce, “Suck It And See.” The formal approach The formal approach is full […]

if there were no risks to communication technology then we’d never have gotten past banging the rocks together

I have updated my resources page to include some red-hot material

The wise communicator will get involved as soon as possible, even if just in a small way, lest their own career prospects become limited

You may have seen the ‘shift’ video (I play it all the time in my workshops) but this will be the follow-up (and same music, too!)