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Coca-Cola’s announcement late last year that the traditional corporate website is dead created ripples when they said it and those ripples can still be felt today. Just yesterday I was with a business that is looking to refresh its website and I mentioned Coke’s viewpoint – backed up by data showing traffic increases in the […]

Any social media initiative an organisation undertakes needs strategic direction, most often starting with addressing the question, “What problem are we trying to solve?” Answering, even just posing, that question helps move an organisation along a long way. The range of social media options open to organisations is vast—having an end-point in mind will help […]

5 tips for better email subject lines

by Lee Hopkins on April 10, 2013

in tools

Shorter is always better in an email subject line. In addition, if you can tap into the concerns of your recipients, you’ll be able to write extremely relevant subject lines

Social media ROI is more than just saying, “We grew 1,000 fans this month”; it’s saying why it is important that we grew 1,000 fans, and what the business outcome is of such growth.

Electronic communication, or e-communication, is becoming the primary method of formal communication for a business organization in an attempt to co-relate and function in accordance with its public and press. Not only is this system more efficient, economic and user-friendly, it even requires less manpower, is eco-friendly, and enables your organization be aware of current affairs and latest technologies, which in turn adds to its USP

It’s no wonder that smart councils are working with communication experts to determine how best to enter into and maintain relevancy within the new online social world. Will your council enter this new communication world with confidence or with trepidation? Because you will enter it at some stage, make no doubt. It makes sense to plan your entrance into the social world, doesn’t it?

Optus has just released some shocking statistics concerning the state of Australian small-medium businesses and Australian consumers. In effect, Aussie businesses are way behind their customers and potential clients. Here’s some of the key take-aways: 48 per cent of Australian SMBs don’t have a website for their business; More than a quarter of Australian SMBs […]

One of my ‘must have’ books on my bookshelf, I cannot rate this book highly enough. You’d be mad to miss out buying a copy for yourself.

You can use the low-cost/high-touch tools of social media to service your customers and business leads, can’t you?!

Our colleagues over at Ragan.com recently ran a social media conference at which Wells Fargo’s Ed Terpening, the bank’s vice president of social media marketing, outlined why and how Wells Fargo ‘plays’ in this space. There are any number of gems in Russell Working’s full article, but here’s a few grabs: If customers are inhabiting […]