Why blog

August 18, 2005

Why should I consider blogging?

Blog your way to a better position at work

Because blogging is an excellent way of showing thought leadership

In a world where business managers and communicators are very ‘vanilla’, one’s ability to stand out from the crowd becomes a marketing tool.

As Seth Godin recently pointed out (he’s a fantastic marketer and philosopher), echoing Tom Peters’ work over the last decade, you are only as marketable as your brand and your last project.

If you don’t start branding yourself, if you don’t start mixing with other thought leaders, then you will be indistinguishable from the vast majority of other managers and communicators.

You will be ‘vanilla’. Bland. Inoffensive. Overlooked for more exciting flavours.

Blogging is easy – it just takes a commitment to keep at it. Even just one post a week is good. If a blog or podcast are great at showing your thought leadership (and many senior business leaders believe they are), isn’t it time to start one or both of them for yourself?

If you want to find out more about showing your thought leadership – amongst your peers, amongst your employees – then please contact me and together we can see just how powerful this new communication tool can be.